Cindy Braud

Cindy Braud

Admissions Director/Chief Operating Officer

Cindy Braud earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Louisiana Tech University.

Prior to her work at Cedarwood she held several positions in corporate management, marketing, accounting and public relations. Ms. Braud coordinates school admissions, maintains the school’s website and assists the school’s President, with marketing and business operations of both the preschool and elementary school. Coordinating whole school special activities and events, Ms. Braud is also the liaison between the school and the Parents’ Club Committee Chairs.

Ms. Braud is the moderator of the school’s Broadcast Team, a group of middle school students responsible for the production of Cedarwood’s daily morning school broadcast.

Ms. Braud has served as an active school volunteer at Saint Scholastica Academy and served as School Board Member for 6 years. She was also appointed to the Executive Committee of the SSA School Board and President.

This is her 30th year at Cedarwood.

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