Tracy Johnson

Two Year Olds

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Tracy Johnson is a teacher assistant in the 2’s class.  She has extensive experience in the preschool environment.  She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee.

Sandra Bryant

Teacher - Three Year Olds

Cindy Braud 0 341

Sandra Bryant attended Southwest Mississippi Jr College and participated in the LSU PASS program. After a career in the business world, Ms. Bryant transitioned to the field of education.  She worked at the  Brighton School for Dyslexia and has 3 years of experience working as a preschool teacher assistant.   

“I enjoy being a Teacher’s Assistant simply because I love the children and enjoy helping them learn.”





Katherine Bouchoux

Math and Science

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Ms. Bouchoux received her elementary education degree from Southeastern University, where she earned President’s List and Dean’s list honors.  Before arriving at Cedarwood, Katherine taught second and fifth grades. Katherine teaches math, science, and language arts to 4th graders and science to 3rd graders.  Katherine enjoys teaching her students quick methods to make math more fun.  Her hands-on approach to teaching science makes the subject come to life and promotes understanding and retention in this subject area.      

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