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Tracy Johnson

Two Year Olds

Cindy Braud 0 37

Tracy Johnson is a teacher assistant in the 2’s class.  She has extensive experience in the preschool environment.  She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee.

Sandra Bryant

Teacher - Three Year Olds

Cindy Braud 0 57

Sandra Bryant attended Southwest Mississippi Jr College and participated in the LSU PASS program. After a career in the business world, Ms. Bryant transitioned to the field of education.  She worked at the  Brighton School for Dyslexia and has 3 years of experience working as a preschool teacher assistant.   

“I enjoy being a Teacher’s Assistant simply because I love the children and enjoy helping them learn.”





Lynette McCall

PreK 4 Year Olds

Cindy Braud 0 68

Lynette McCall is a teacher assistant for the PreK four-year-old class. Lynette earned a CDA (Child Development Associate) and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Ms. McCall has 15 years of experience working with children. Her experience includes 6 years as a teacher for the Head Start Program.

"I have always loved to teach. I love to see the light bulb go off in a child’s head when they learn a new concept or grasp a concept that they have been struggling with. I have a passion for children and their families."