Cindy Tucker


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Cindy Tuker has been a part of the Cedarwood team since 1994 and has served as a preschool teacher assistant in all grade levels of the preschool. Cindy is currently the Infant/Toddler lead teacher. Cindy attended Prytania Private High School, Delgado Communit College, and Southeastern University. Cindy is currently working on her Child Development Associates degree.

Cindy has 22 years of preschool experience working with students ranging from birth to 5 years old. She has also worked in the preschool’s Extended Day Learning Program for 8 years.

Jennifer Labit

Teacher - Three Year Olds

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Jennifer is a lead teacher for the 3 year old program at Cedarwood School.  She is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University and has eighteen years of experience with preschool-aged children.   

Windy Montecino

Four Year Old Teacher

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Wendy holds a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Louisiana State University and Early Childhood and Kindergarten Certification from Southeastern Louisiana University. This will be her 18th year at Cedarwood.

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