Kathryn S. LeBlancPrincipal/President

Kathryn S. LeBlanc
President and Founder

Dear Prospective Families,

Cedarwood School is known internationally as the choice for families seeking the very best education for their children. Our greatest resource, our teachers, specialize in the particular area they teach as they inspire students each day to be engaged, active learners. They are dedicated to their students; their craft and passion for teaching and learning is contagious. In our small classes, teachers get to know each child well and are able to tailor their instruction to the individual.
Cedarwood is a vibrant, diverse, and exciting school, one of enormous academic challenge and extracurricular opportunities. The curriculum, balanced with consideration for each individual students' learning style and talents, gives students the opportunity to grow and succeed academically, physically, and socially. From our youngest infants to our oldest seventh graders, Cedarwood creates an environment where children look forward to coming to school each day with excitement and anticipation.

The campus is a beautiful one, and one that aesthetically blends and even enhances our close community. There is an energy here that can only be experienced by visiting. You will be inspired by the preschoolers as they present their personal research findings about their favorite planet. You may even run into a group of kindergarten students taking surveys and graphing their statistical results, while the 7th graders are creating their own animated games using history facts in the computer lab. With the large number of international students at Cedarwood, the cultural diversity promotes a global approach to learning that ignites both students and faculty.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family and hope you will enjoy a personal tour so I can personally show you how Cedarwood truly provides a "foundation for life." 

Kathryn S. LeBlanc, M. Ed.



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