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 ​2022-2023 TUITION & FEES
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Financial_sliderTuition assistance applications are accepted for K-7th applicants only. After submitting the school application, to apply for need-based tuition assistance, parents/guardians must file with FACTS, an on-line national financial aid assessment program.  Parents/Guardians complete the online grant and aid application. FACTS calculates a recommended need-based award, and the school's Finance Committee determines whether the school can meet the FACTS recommendation. 

Tuition Assistance funds are limited. In order to ensure we are able to provide assistance to qualified applicants, Cedarwood School may offer partial funding of a student 's tuition. Each family will need to contribute a portion of the cost of educating their child.

The process for submitting a financial aid application is relatively simple. We ask all applicants to follow this confidential application process.

  1. Complete and submit your school application. Only those families who have completed the application are eligible for tuition assistance consideration.
  2. Visit the FACTS secure website. [Click Here to Apply]
  3. Click on the "Create a FACTS Account" button. Follow the instructions to create an account and complete the online Financial Aid application.  
  4. The school will send award notification soon after determination of eligibility for tuition assistance.. 



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