Cedarwood School inspires students to reach their maximum potential, intellectually, physically, and socially, through a variety of teaching methods, while promoting positive personal growth and creating a foundation for life-long learning.

Preschool Curriculum

At Cedarwood, preschool is a time for "experiential" learning, a time to build self-confidence, gain competence and make friends. Classes are offered for two year olds through five year olds.

As a nationally accredited program, Cedarwood is concerned with all aspects of the child's development and provides activities and experiences in the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive areas. The school's teachers have the time and the skill to discover each child's talents and interests.  Learn more »

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Lower School Curriculum (Kdg-3rd Grade)

The lower school curriculum provides a solid basis for life long learning. Students are provided with a challenging core curriculum crafted to promote a successful school experience. Bright classrooms filled with examples of the students' work create an atmosphere for optimal learning. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are woven into the curriculum, beginning with students in kindergarten. Click here for more information.  Learn more »

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Middle School Curriculum (4th-7th Grade)

Cedarwood's middle school program is designed to offer students a specialized curriculum. Students have an increased level of responsibility for academic work. It is our goal to help them build skills for studying and for organization. A block schedule allows students to receive instruction from teachers who are teaching in their specialized area. The students follow a schedule that provides ninety minute blocks of time for instruction. This allows for more quality learning and for further applications in each core subject. Learn more »

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Plus Program

In order to offer our students the best possible educational experience, Cedarwood School has developed a program called PLUS, the Program for Learning and Unique Studies. The PLUS program, piloted in 2009, provides support and challenges for highly capable students whose academic needs are beyond the standard curriculum. The program is also designed to help students whose success with the regular curriculum is hindered by mild learning problems.   Learn more »

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