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Computer Lab

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Computer 2 boys - Copy Students in K-7th grade receive formal instruction from their Computer Lab teacher, as well as use laptops in their classrooms. Cedarwood School's lab curriculum is based on both national and state educational technology standards

Cedarwood curriculum objectives are the focus of all lesson plans.  The computer lab teacher works with each classroom teacher to coordinate technology lessons with classroom content.

  • Students build on skills learned from year to year, and each grade has specific technology objectives to master.
  • Our computer lab curriculum is accelerated, and each child is encouraged to reach his/her maximum potential.

The lab is equipped with twenty-two Vostro 320 wireless computers with web cams and DVD drives, twenty wireless Dell laptops in a mobile cart, video cams, software applications, television broadcasting equipment, and an interactive whiteboard and projector.

Internet access is provided to the students via a firewall and is strictly supervised with students using only teacher approved sites.

Cedarwood students learn the following types of age-appropriate software: animation, digital movie, game simulation, computer programming, and creativity programs as well as various Web 2.0 tools and Microsoft Office applications. Students use these programs to create exciting multimedia projects which demonstrate content knowledge of subject areas.

In addition, middle school students practice important keyboarding skills and are able to take specialized computer classes during their elective.

Technology touches each of our student's lives in a personal way and is a valuable educational tool.

Check out how Code is "the New Literacy"Cedarwood students are coding.

Cedarwood School computer lab