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Cedarwood School MusicMusic and Choral Program: 

In an age-appropriate program from Kindergarten through 7th grade, Cedarwood develops in students fundamental skills necessary for listening to, understanding, performing, and enjoying music. Students are exposed to a broad spectrum of music, and they develop awareness of the components of increasingly sophisticated pieces. Class activities encourage keen listening and active response to music.

For students in all grades, the voice is treated as an important instrument, with instruction in good singing technique, phrasing, dynamics, and interpretation. In the upper grades, students' musical and cultural knowledge is expanded through exposure to music of other countries, cultures, and time periods.

The joy of self-expression and confidence in performance are important goals of the music program at Cedarwood School. Twice 

Middle School students learning music notes by playing musical note twister.

Middle School students learning music notes by playing musical note twister.

each year, students demonstrate their vocal accomplishments in choral performances before the assembled students, staff, and guests of the school. For those students who wish to be more involved in singing, Music Plus provides an additional opportunity for students in grades 3-7. Moreover, the Music Department works cooperatively with the Drama Department to prepare students for their annual plays, helping to select appropriate music and coaching students to assure a quality experience.