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Physical Education

Cedarwood School PEAt Cedarwood School Physical Education is a part of every student's weekly activities. Each class participates in a formal physical education class twice a week where they are encouraged to provide his/her best effort. During this time they learn to play the most popular sports and games like Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, Kickball, Soccer, and Baseball and also enjoy learning more strategic based games such as Capture the Flag and Ultimate Frisbee. In addition to the series of sports and games that are played in PE, each class participates in fitness activities. At the beginning of every physical education class, the students partake in a specific warm-up.  This warm-up challenges coordination skills, spatial awareness, and conditioning.

Vhw2V1uKarRzMheUNUlX_B5BjmOo7ADBSR5Z2aBGWMsQuarterly, each class participates in a fitness test. The fitness test is designed to measure each individual's strength, speed, endurance, power, and agility. The purpose of the battery of tests is to show each student that with an individual effort, physical fitness can improve while engaging in a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of physical education at Cedarwood School is to afford each student the understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how that can be achieved.

The development of healthy minds and bodies is also emphasized through student participation in organized, after school sports and clubs. Students may join teams of various sports offered throughout the year. Basketball, girls volleyball, soccer, cross country, track and field, flag football, and cheerleading are some of the favorites.