Students in preschool-7th grade look forward to the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

Students in preschool-7th grade look forward to the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

Cedarwood School provides an excellent opportunity for preschool – 7thgrade students to learn the Spanish language.  The Spanish curriculum is based on four principles to help build a second language foundation – listening, speaking, writing and reading in an informed and relaxed environment.

Preschool through Kindergarten students begin to build a vocabulary for words pertaining to school, home and the community.  This is accomplished through bilingual songs, coloring activities, skits, stories, games and vocabulary building exercises.

Elementary grade students embark on a more in depth approach to learning a language.  Students build listening skills by listening to narrators in conversation about lesson dialogues focusing on target vocabulary. Students read short stories and answer comprehension questions to focus on reading skills.  The curriculum also focuses on sentence structure (subjects, pronouns, nouns, infinitive verbs and conjugations, adjectives and adverbs) to concentrate on the writing component. In addition, and most importantly, conversation fluency is built through scripted dialogues on target vocabulary and grammar to improve speaking skills.  

All students are taught about the varied Spanish countries, their customs and the people.  Sometimes our students even take Spanish influenced field trips!  Students often attend plays and dance performances sponsored by the National Theater for Art & Education and the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Arts & Dance Company.

Every year, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with a grand “fiesta” complete with food, drink, crafts and piñatas.  It’s a wonderful celebration for our students to enjoy while learning about the history of the “Battle of Puebla”.

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