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Students in preschool-7th grade look forward to the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

Students in preschool-7th grade look forward to the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival

Cedarwood School's Spanish curriculum is based on four principles to help build a language foundation. These principles are listening, reading, writing, and speaking in an engaging and exciting environment.

Kindergarten-2nd grade students attend Spanish once a week. Through the curriculum, Viva el Español, students learn vocabulary for greetings, courtesy expressions, commands, days of the week, the calendar, the weather, the seasons, colors, and vocabulary for school, home, and the community. Students sing bilingual songs, play Spanish games, and make books for vocabulary words which are read aloud. Students in 1st and 2nd grades begin to read in Spanish and participate in skits with puppets to build fluency skills.

Third Graders attend Spanish classes twice a week and continue in the same curriculum, Viva el Español. A stronger emphasis is placed in pronunciation and fluency through vocabulary books, conversation skits and bilingual consonant rhymes.

Middle school students (4th-7th graders) also attend Spanish classes twice a week to engage in the En Español curriculum and textbook. Students build listening skills by listening to narrators in conversation about lesson dialogues focusing on target vocabulary. Students read short stories and answer comprehension questions to focus on reading skills. The curriculum also focuses on sentence structures (subject pronouns, nouns, infinitive verbs and their conjugations, adjectives and adverbs) to concentrate on the writing component. In addition, and most importantly, students build conversation fluency through scripted dialogues on target vocabulary and grammar to improve speaking skills.

Middle school students have an opportunity to use a text resource at home which offers students on-line digital flashcards for lesson vocabulary, self-check quizzes, and cultural connections.

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