ESL Program

English As a Second Language Program DescriptionCedarwood School ESL Program

The Cedarwood English Learning Program focuses on teaching integral vocabulary and English language skills to students in interactive, exciting ways. We know students benefit tremendously from peer models and their inclusive Cedarwood classroom community. Because of this, we endeavor to maintain their time in the classroom as much as possible. Non English Speakers (NES) may be pulled out of the classroom for intensive vocabulary instruction as well as survival English. Limited English Speakers (LES) will generally receive additional help from a program instructor in their own classroom during their Language Arts block (inclusion). By providing instruction through inclusion, we ensure that students maintain ties to their classroom and that all English language instruction meshes completely with the content goals and objectives of each particular grade level. When it is deemed necessary by both the classroom teacher and the program instructor, Limited English Speakers (LES) may be pulled out of the classroom for mini lessons that focus on particular areas of need. Furthermore, all students will benefit from interactive learning through a variety of forms of technology.

eslAssessment Description

All students' oral proficiency in English will be assessed with the IPT testing instrument. The IPT is a language proficiency assessment for language learners in grades Pre-K to 12. It is widely used in many districts and schools across the nation due to its accuracy and ease-of-use. The IPT is nationally normed to the highest standards and aligned to TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language) standards. It is a brief assessment, only taking between 15 and 25 minutes to test each student.

Enrollment in the ESL Program will include:

  • Formal observation of student
  • Coordination of instruction with classroom teachers
  • Supplemental in class support
  • Assessment to determine level of support required
  • Quarterly scheduled conferences to report progress
  • 2 sessions (45 minutes each) instruction per week

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