Portugal Surfer Finds Cedarwood Student’s Message in a Bottle

When Cesar Lourenco found a message in a bottle while surfing near Terceira Island off the coast of Portugal he was intrigued. The question remains was he more intrigued than Cedarwood School 5th grader, Josh Bearden, who sent the message out to sea as part of a class project. One thing is for sure, by the power of social media the two are...

The Benefits of Bilingualism by Alicia Ford

As Spanish Teacher for our Pre-K to 7th-grade students for the last 14 years, I often see students learning Spanish through song, written conversations & skits, themed vocabulary picture books and later in our middle school, through grammar activities, short lesson skits and reading short stories. Everyone exhibits a strength, whether it’s in...

Students Master the Mosquito!

As part of Cedarwood’s vibrant middle school elective classes that offer our students an opportunity to participate in creative and otherwise unique opportunities, I have enjoyed sharing with students my personal interests in hobbies such as making organic herbal soaps and most recently, organic mosquito repellent wipes.

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