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Lower School (K – 3rd)

Curriculum for Kindergarten – 3rd Grade


The lower school curriculum provides a solid foundation for life long learning. Students are provided with a challenging core curriculum crafted to promote a successful school experience. Bright classrooms filled with examples of the students' work create an atmosphere for optimal learning. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are woven throughout the curriculum, beginning with students in kindergarten.

In the language arts program, students experience the joy of reading in Kindergarten and build their reading comprehension and fluency skills throughout their years in lower school as they read for enjoyment and for learning in the content areas. A solid program of phonics, spelling, and grammar provides the framework for the development of writing skills. In the early grades, students grasp the concepts of mathematics through concrete experiences, master basic arithmetic facts, and apply those concepts and facts through a mathematics curriculum that has a strong emphasis on problem NB5A8448solving and critical thinking. In Science and Social Studies, the curriculum comes alive through class projects and labs. These rich core learning opportunities are augmented with classes in music, art, technology integration, physical education, library science, and foreign language, each taught by a specialist.

Our differentiated curriculum allows students to be challenged within the structure of the classroom while creating a unique environment that meets the needs of each student and develops each student's strengths.

Students in kindergarten through third grade have a highly qualified classroom teacher for their core subjects as well as specialty teachers for the six enrichment offerings.



Core Subjects

  • English and Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies


Enrichment Subjects

  • Stem Lab
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Library Science
  • Accelerated Reader Program
  • Spanish