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Middle School (4th – 7th)


SAMSUNG CSCCedarwood's middle school (grades 4-7) offers students a highly specialized curriculum. Students have an increased level of responsibility for academic work. Our goal is to help students build skills for efficient studying, time management, and organization. A modified block schedule allows students to receive instruction from teachers who are specialized in their curriculum area. The schedule provides both forty-five and ninety minute blocks of time for instruction. The modified block schedule allows for quality learning as well as further applications in each core subject.

Middle School students are engaged in interactive collaborative activities and projects that allow them to apply the skills learned and demonstrate their level of proficiency. The Science Fair, Student of the Year Competition, Regional and State Social Studies Fairs, IMG_3237International Festival, Medieval Feast, Moc Elections, Writing and Publishing Clubs, and Duke University Talent Search and TIP Programs are just a few of the many opportunities that the students have to demonstrate their level of competency while enjoying the learning process.

Middle School students are expected to be school role models and leaders. Through the Buddy Class Program, older students share activities with younger preschool and lower elementary school students. Through involvement in Student Council, students assume leadership roles while promoting and participating in service projects throughout the school and our community.

In addition to the enrichment subjects of technology, music, art, physical education, library science, and foreign language, each middle school student selects an elective of interest each nine week grading period.

Core SubjectsNB5A8480

  • Language Arts
  • English
  • Math in 4th-7th Grade
  • PreAlgebra in 7th Grade
  • Physical Life and Earth Sciences
  • Social Studies/Geography

Enrichment Subjects

    • All students in Kdg-7th will visit the six enrichment subjects each week. These subjects are taught by specialty teachers, degreed and certified in each of these areas.


      • Computer Lab (Technology Foundations & Research Skills)
      • Physical Education
      • Music
      • Art
      • Library Science (Accelerated Reader)
      • Foreign Language

      Elective Subjects


      • Babysitting/CPR
      • Bridge Building
      • Camping
      • Cartooning
      • Computer Guts
      • Equations
      • Golf
      • Internet
      • Journalism
      • Journey Magazine
      • Kite Building
      • Money
      • Photography
      • Pottery
      • Robotics
      • Rocketry
      • Sculpture
      • Swimming
      • Software Review
      • Study Skills
      • Web Page Design
      • Yearbook