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Cedarwood Elementry SchoolAt Cedarwood School, we recognize the importance of meeting the unique academic needs of all of our students. We believe every student deserves an educational plan that is based on the student's strengths and/or relative weaknesses. Our teachers strive to deliver such a comprehensive curriculum; however, at times a student exhibits a profound exceptional ability in a particular area or may be experiencing some great difficulty with certain skills. The PLUS program is designed to support varying types of student learners enrolled at Cedarwood School.

Teachers, administrators and parents may recommend that students be tested for qualification in the PLUS Program. For more information, please contact the school's counselor, Kim Readlinger at 985-845-7111 ext. 67
or by email at

PLUS (Advanced Learning)
This program is designed for those individuals in grades 3-7 who exhibit a high level of exceptionality in the area of English/Language Arts. Mathematics, Art, and Music areas are designed for those students in grades 4-7. Screening for Mathematics, Art and Music areas will be conducted for recommended students in grade 3 during the second semester. Parents will be notified of each recommendation. Each area will be addressed by a teacher who will design a curriculum to enhance the exceptional abilities of the students who meet the criteria for that particular area of study. Some areas will be addressed in the regular classroom setting using differentiated instruction.
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PLUS-S (Reading/Writing Support)
In addition to the offerings of enhanced English/Language Arts, Math, art, or music, we will be able to offer, for our 2nd-7th grade students, additional instruction for those students who need unique strategies and support to be effective readers and/or writers. Working in conjunction with the classroom teacher, a faculty member, who has received specialized training in the area of reading and math will work individually or with small groups of students. (The PLUS-Support service is offered at an additional charge)

Plus Referral Process:

1.) Identify

  • Teachers, administrators, or parents can nominate a student for the Plus program. A nomination period will be held at the beginning of both the first and second semester with the interim date being the deadline. Please contact the school's guidance counselor, Kim Readlinger at 985-845-7111 ext. 67, or by email at if you would like your child to be nominated for the Plus Program.

2.) Screening

  • Nominated students are screened by a committee who will review the following :
  • Teacher ratings of the student's academic performance
  • Subject specific grade averages
  • Standardized test scores
  • Review of student's work in the area of nomination

3.) Evaluation

Students in Music Plus

Students in Music Plus

Nominated students who are successfully screened will then move to the evaluation phase of the program. Evaluations may include:

  • Subject specific assessment tools
  •  Classroom observations
  •  A performance assessment for those students nominated for Art and/or Music plus.

4.) Placement

  • If the student qualifies for the Plus program, you will be notified in writing. You will be required to sign and return the consent form for your child to enroll in the program.Please note that Art and Music Plus classes are held during the elective period therefore, identified students placed into Art or Music will not be able to participate in the elective menu selection.
  • A letter from the parents or legal guardian will be required to exit any of the Plus programs.
  • If your child does not qualify, you will be notified in writing and we will continue to monitor your child's academic progress in the classroom.

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